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Simplifying Independent Music Scene

Aurora is a collective of like-minded individuals coming together to provide holistic solutions to the music industry. With our innovative and powerful framework, you can unlock the potential of your music and reach new heights.

👀 Unlock Your Potential

Our strategic frameworks are designed to help you create, develop and execute a plan that will help you reach all your musical aspirations. Whether it’s brand strategy, campaign management, Social Media Management or Business Development, Aurora is here to help you unlock your full potential.

📍 Grow Your Network

Aurora helps you expand your network by connecting you with like-minded individuals who can provide invaluable advice and insights that can help further your career. Our team of experienced professionals are dedicated to helping you grow and succeed.

🗂 Gain Access To Resources

We provide access to resources that are designed to give you an edge in the music industry. From marketing materials, contacts within the industry, tutorials or free access to events and workshops, Aurora has it all!



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Industry Interviews

We do interviews with industry professionals to talk more about their journey and life lessons.

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