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Aurora Notes: Crab Mentality and Indian Music Scene

I recently watched an interview of KunalShah (Founder of CRED) where he talked about crab mentality which is deep rooted in every Indian Mindset. He called it one of the reasons why Indians can’t grow because everyone is busy in pulling down the person who is doing well. The mentality of ‘If I can’t have it, neither can you’ has its own place in Indian psychology and it started with setting the benchmark with “Sharma ji ka Ladka” phase during School.

You can see the same mentality breeding through the Indian Music Scene. It’s pretty normal to feel like you’re into crab mentality because most of us are raised with it. But we can change. To actually make music scene stronger, we need to shed this mentality and work on supporting each other. You can start with doing something as simple as sharing their music on your Instagram or by attending their shows.

REMEMBER: When one musician makes it to the top, it creates more space for other musicians to grow. The Reason why RITVIZ, Gurbax, Mojo Jojo and other Desi EDM artists grew was because when Nucleya made it big, It created space for more artists to dwell in.

Keep Supporting other musicians and let’s grow the scene together. One artist at a time.


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