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Eight Websites to Learn Music Online in India

Since we're all are staying at home because of the current pandemic and lockdown, we should use this time to learn more about our skillset and grow as an artist. Most musicians already learn from YouTube and Instagram communities but there are many more dedicated sites which will teach you better. I’ve spent my lockdown learning about music marketing, branding and legalities over some of these websites.

Here are my picks for 8 places to learn music online in India.

Soundfly is a unique learning platform where you can learn a lot of useful stuff centered around the music Industry. Their courses range from Music production to mixing to music marketing and branding. They also have a solid team onboard that provide mentorship and also customise courses according to your needs.

For who? – Singer- Songwriters, Music Producers, Mixing Engineers, Independent Musicians.

Berklee College of music in collaboration with edX has been offering valuable courses for free with multiple language support. Their subjects vary from Creativity and entrepreneurship, Vocal Recording Technology, and Music for Wellness.

And you can also get a verified certificate for $49

For who? - Anyone who knows the basics and wants to dive deeper.

Ableton’s Free Learning Music web platform is perhaps the most holistically comprehensive beginner’s guide to experiential music learning out now.

From identifying sounds, recognizing the patterns and groupings of notes the user finds compelling, to arranging chord progressions, basslines, and melodies, users can now make musical choices from the very beginning.

For who? - Anyone interested in music production and beat making.

OctavesOnline is an online music academy for creative excellence in learning Indian Music and celebrating the extraordinary of Indian Music every day. They have hindi classical and Carnatic courses available. You can either access their pre recorded classes for free or apply for a one on one training.

For who? - Anyone interested in learning Hindi and Carnatic classical music.

The Music Experience Design Lab has created a suite of tools designed to help novices interact with their favorite music in a more playful way. They’ve partnered with the NY Philharmonic to allow fans to Step Inside Mahler, developed widgets for PBS’s Soundbreaking series, and mapped the QWERTY keyboard to play as a natural musical instrument with any mode or tonal center.

For who? - Anyone looking for some cool experiential learning tool.

Masterclass is one of the most renowned websites when it comes to lessons online. This is mainly due to one thing, which is the fact that they have some of the best professionals from specific professions to provide you with classes that will help you, in the same way that they helped them.

When it comes to music, Masterclass has some of the best, for example world famous composer, Hanz Zimmer who has won multiple awards for his great work on the soundtracks of many a few films.

They also have more than a few other big names, such as famous singer Usher and violinist Itzhak Perlman, along with others.

For who? - Anyone who knows the basics and wants to dive deeper.

Taking Inspiration from Masterclass, FrontRow’s aims to help people across the country to pursue their passions in fields such as comedy, cricket, music, and more. You can access personally curated courses by Amit Trivedi on Music Production, Neha Kakkar on Singing and Divine on Rapping. Courses start from 799rs onwards.

For who? - Anyone who knows the basics and wants to dive deeper.

Last month, Lost stories academy started their All Access Pass. It’s an online portal for all your needs related to learning music. From Courses and podcasts in multiple languages to royalty free samples to a networking platform, They’ve got you covered for an introductory price of only 649₹ per month.

For who? - Music Producers and Beat makers.

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