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A Guide to Self Releasing Your Music.

1. Mastering: The Final step for your song is mastering. Get it mastered from a good engineer if you can afford or else get it mastered from a producer friend. It's always good to get it mastered from someone else as the song also gets fresh ears before releasing. Make sure the song follows all loudness guidelines required for a commercial release.

2. Artwork & Visuals: Make a good artwork. Get a good graphic designer onboard and create something that actually represent your song. If you don't have a budget, take help from a graphic designer friend. You can also do it yourself by using services like CANVA. It has good templates to start with. Also make a nice YouTube visualiser. There are lots of good tutorials on YouTube to take help from.

3. Social Media Content: It is the most important step in the entire process and yet no musician does it. Putting up flyer or artwork on social media doesn't count as promoting your music. Work around and make good pieces of content for social media promoting your songs. It can be a meme or some random kid dancing on your song. Just make sure it's entertaining and holds viewer attention.

4. Distribution: Distribute you music using distribution platform. I personally love DistroKid, Simple and effective. But you can also try homegrown services like Ok listen and more. They are a bit expensive but provide more support overall. Also make sure your songs is clear of all copyright issues before uploading it. Also upload at least 3 weeks before your release date. Some platforms need upto 3 weeks to get song in their stores.

5. Promotion: There are two ways to promote your music. One where you promote to get new audience, you can use repost trades, YouTube re uploads and Social media ads to get new audience. And the other where you promote to get credibility for you music, You can get a PR team onboard if you have decent budget or else keep writing mails to all publishers and media portals.

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