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5 Ways to Support Your Independent Musician Friends.

1. Share their music on Instagram & Facebook: The best and easiest way to support your friends is to share their music on your socials and among family members. Being Independent, the only way to promote music for an artist is via organic sharing and reposting. Help their music by getting fresh ears. It takes minimal efforts and your friend will appreciate it a lot.

2. Go to their shows & events: Show up at your friend's show. There's nothing more disappointing for a musician than playing at empty venues. It's hard getting booked and then most venues expect good crowd from the musician. Show up and let your friends know that you care about them. Don't just call them for guest list entries, If possible wear their merch, sing their songs and make them feel like it's all worth struggling for.

3. Connect them with other people from your circle: Connect them with your other friends offline as well. You never know who bond with whom and then end up helping each other out. I got so many leads from friends of my friends.

4. Give honest feedback: Probably the most important thing is giving them honest feedback. Don't hold back your criticism just so that he or she doesn't feel bad. Help them improve their skillset and songs. They will not like it first but will definitely appreciate it in long run.

5. Lend a helping hand: Being an Independent artist is hard. They need to take care of everything from making music to graphics to publishing and promoting it. Help them out with other things like visuals, graphics, promotions, bookings etc.

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